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Current version: 2.0.140 from August 4, 2006


Q: How can I remove a module from the page? I can't see any controls for that.

A: Click "Edit" link in the page header. All the page customization controls are moved there to keep the start page layout clean and simple. See the Edit chapter of the User Manual for more information.

Sometimes it is better to temporarily collapse the module to hide it. It will expand itself as soon as new information arrives.

Q: How can I add a news source (RSS, website, etc) to the Startpage?

A: In the current version, you should use the Custom modules: RSS Feed, Browser and Custom JavaScript. Unlimited customization options are currently under intensive development.

Q: My firewall blocks your requests to surfpack.com. Your program seems to be spyware!

A: Definitely not! Like you, we hate spyware! The underlying program does not connect to surfpack.com or other Internet servers at all. The modules, though, do need to download their content from the Internet. Some of them, such as the Quotes or Info modules, display content downloaded from the surfpack.com server. To download the module content, the program uses Internet Explorer settings; it does not collect cookies, store proxy passwords, or collect/transfer any private user information.

Q: How much content does it download from the Internet?

A: It depends on how many modules are displayed on your Startpage. To see detailed traffic statistics for each module click the Statistics link at the bottom of the page.

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