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Current version: 2.0.128 from April 26, 2005

Bookmark Manager

Top Favorites displays most favorite linksWhen we were designing Surfpack, we focused on peoples needs. That is why Surfpack offers the most seamless bookmark management than any other program currently available on the market.

Smart Favorites analyzes Internet Explorer historyIts unrivalled convenience and ease of use is based upon our one-click rule. The one-click rule means that any bookmarked web site should be available with no more than one mouse-click. Our one-click rule means that there are no complicated bookmark trees to navigate. The program supports two types of bookmarks - top favorites and smart favorites. Top favorites are bookmarks that you add to the Bookmark Manager. Surfpack automatically adds and adjusts the smart favorites. It bookmarks the web sites most often visited, based on the web site visit statistics. By the time you are reading this, there will be more bookmark management options available since we regularly release updated and new modules. You can check them out by downloading and installing the latest version of Surfpack

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