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Current version: 2.0.140 from August 4, 2006

For Developers

Surfpack Architecture

The web page, generated by Surfpack Startpage and displayed in the browser, is a combination of 3 independent parts:

  1. Web modules
  2. Layout
  3. Skin

Behind these parts is the Aggregated Local Portal ENgine™ (or ALPEN) which handles all the web module activity, provides Internet access, local cache storage, and XML/XSLT processing using MSXML and its own XML parser. This makes it possible to easily create web modules in XML, HTML or JavaScript. It can even call DLL plugins, which are real Windows™ applications with DHTML interfaces.


Web Modules EditorThe Surfpack Development Kit (SDK) manual provides the web module development documentation, core architecture details, specifications and development tips. This manual is available online or as a SDK download. The SDK also contains the Web Modules Editor - an essential tool for web module developers. We use this Web Modules Editor to develop our own web modules.

surfpack-sdk.exe (1,5 Mb) - SDK manual and modules editor
SDK manual

Surfpack Startpage Developer's Edition

We recommend the use of the special custom version for software developers this has specific news sources and tools that are particularly useful to developers.
Download Surfpack Startpage Developers' Edition (1,2 Mb).


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