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Current version: 2.0.140 from August 4, 2006


Surfpack Startpage comes with a number of web modules included and ready for use. They are listed here:
  • RSS Reader
    A reader for the two most popular news feed formats, RSS and Atom.
  • Bookmark modules
    One-click access to your favorite websites.
  • Search interfaces
    One-click searches across several search engines.
  • Current weather conditions
    Temperature, wind, pressure and sky conditions based on local airport reports.
  • Broken URL restoring
    Have you ever tried to cut and paste long URLs into your email program, only to find that they have pasted incorrectly? The Clipboard URL module will fix this for you.
  • Startpage Guard
    If by chance your Startpage is stolen by spyware or Trojan software, this will restore your own Startpage.
  • Personal Daily Horoscope
  • Quotes of the moment
  • Pictures of the day, cartoons, etc.

Surfpack 2 features:

  • Multipage layout
  • A designer that allows you to add/create new modules and change their settings
  • More bookmark modules and enhancements to the original ones
  • Improved search interfaces

Upcoming Surfpack features include:

  • Financial tickers
  • Time zone awareness
  • Email checker
  • Skins customization
  • Online modules gallery

Check our forum for new version announcements.

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