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Current version: 2.0.140 from August 4, 2006

Custom Versions

Surfpack Startpage may be shipped prepackaged and branded with your unique look and modules preset. You can deliver your own brand, news and offers right to your website visitors or customers' startpage. There is no need to install or support any portal solutions on your web server - "Your Brand" Startpage is a Windows desktop application, which loads fast and does not consume your server resources. You can retain your original website look and feel if you wish. Here is the procedure:

  • Add a desired set of modules from our gallery.
  • Create your custom modules as required.
  • “Brand” it with your own company style.
  • Make it downloadable to your customers from your website.

There are no ads and no royalties to pay - contact us if you need more details.

Just for fun, and as a custom-built example, we created a special custom version for software developers like us, loaded with developer-specific news sources and tools.  

Download Surfpack Startpage Developers' Edition (1,2 Mb).

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