To go to the settings page click the Edit link in the Startpage header.

To go back to the Startpage click the Save and Close link in the settings page header. Your settings will be automatically saved when the page is closed.

Each module has an associated checkbox. Check the modules that you want to show and uncheck those that you want to hide on your Startpage. You can change the parameters of each module by using the link Edit feature. Hidden modules retain their settings but are not updated.

All of the web modules are combined into groups with common themes. This makes it easier to place them on the Startpage and it allows you to move the whole group.

To move a group place the cursor on the grip icon next to the Group Name and then move the group.

To move a module within a group place the cursor on the grip icon next to the module name and move it. The current version only allows you to move a module within a group.

Custom settings section.

The Personal Settings section allows you to enter a name to be used in the Startpage for a greeting.

You can also select where to show the data when you click the link. Options available are:

  • In the same window.
  • In a new window.
  • According to each module's settings. This is the default setting.

You can also customize the update mode.