Surfpack Developer's Kit

This Surfpack Developer's Kit contains essential information for independent developers of web modules and skins for Surfpack Startpage.

Surfpack SDK Content:


All portal components are based on XML and XSL technologies. Prior XML knowledge may help you to understand the manual better, but it is not required because the editor hides all of the XML complexity and provides a graphic interface for content modules and skins development.

Surfpack Components

All Surfpack components are located on a user's computer. This means that, unlike online portals, Surfpack's modules have full access to the user's data and can be as full-featured as other Windows applications. They only have HTML or XML output formats (settings dialogs can be HTML or traditional GUI). For details see Program Structure through the Eyes of a Developer. Content modules can be written in any programming language or JavaScript, and they can call remote scripts via the Internet. For details, see Content modules Development.

Skins are constructed in HTML + CSS and they are then converted to a XSL-format using the editor. For details see Skins Development.